Learn Braiding With Farra

Braiding is a fun and rewarding thing to do. 

Whether you are looking to expand a current hair styling operation, start a new career, or simply have the skills to deliver expert quality braids for you or your child, you will benefit from the experience and skills of someone in the industry.

Successfully running Empire Braids over a period of time, I have and continue to accrue a wealth of knowledge on braiding, including best practices, the spectrum of styles and the latest trends. This puts me in a great position to get you started and advance your skills as a braider.

Capitalising on this, I offer one-on-one tailored training from my Aveley home studio. Generally these sessions run for an hour, however you can book multiple slots if they are available and you would fancy a deep dive.

Content covered is based on your skill level and desires. We can focus on specific looks and braids or dive into other industry details.

Everything required is provided, and this includes complementary snacks and refreshments. Learning is done in a casual manner in a comfortable space which students enjoy.

Book your session today and start your journey towards braiding mastery.


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